We've helped over 4,800 American Indians reclaim their lives and overcome addiction through the strength of American Indian culture. These are some of their stories.

I can face tomorrow without a drink. I can deal with reality head-on—think clearly.
— Anita · 7 Years Sober
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I have a daughter. When I was in my addiction, I didn’t pay attention. I wasn’t there for her, and it hurt me. And there were a lot of times I wished I would have just stayed instead of running. But, we met each other again. And it was the greatest thing to see her again—to have her hug me, to call me ‘dad.’
— Malcolm · 5 Years Sober
At the Friendship House, we’re all one nation over there—‘cause it’s us against that disease.
— Adrian · 12 Years Sober
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The spiritual, the ceremony sessions, the sweat lodge are all put together in the treatment and it reminds you—it lifts you back up.
— Johnson · 4 years sober