Our holistic approach to healing begins with changing your environment.

Our clients become residents in our 80-bed residential facility in San Francisco for up to 6 months. During that time, clients are immersed in both American Indian cultural practices and Western approaches for substance abuse recovery and prevention.

For more details of our programs and services, please view the following publication:  Friendship House Annual Report 2017/18 - Evaluation of Programs & Services

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primary residential · up to 6 months

Cultural Immersion & Recovery


reclaim focus through education

Clients learn about the environmental factors that contribute to addictions, develop new skills to replace self-destructive behaviors with a substance-free lifestyle, receive educational placement, and high school or GED completion classes through Five Keys Charter School.


heal through American Indian culture

Individual sessions help clients begin to walk the Red Road to Recovery—a path that is uniquely American Indian—as well as heal through smudging and sweat lodge ceremonies to reclaim balance, focus, and peace. 


connect with yourself and others

Individual and group counseling—as well as talking circles and a 12-step program—provide clients with the social connection and support necessary to confront mental, emotional, and spiritual issues.

“We're all one nation over there—it's a matter of us against that disease.”

adrian · 12 years sober · see his story ⟶


extended residential · up to 6 months

Empowerment Through Community

Clients who have successfully completed Phase I shift their focus to developing tools for self-empowerment: job training, relapse prevention, housing assistance, family counseling, and more.


Build Self-Empowerment Skills

Clients gain access to resume development, computer training, job training, life skills development, and housing assistance to make a successful reentry back into the community.


maintain prevention

Clients gain a clean and sober social support network, as well as continued access to counseling and case management.


Rebuild family Networks

Clients have an opportunity to receive family counseling and assistance with family reunification.


How to Apply

Before scheduling an appointment, please review our Requirements for Admission.


1. Interview in-person or by phone

Clients must be interviewed to determine acceptance into the program and should be prepared to spend a minimum of 30-45 minutes in the interview. To schedule an appointment for an interview:

  • Call our Intake Coordinator at (415) 865-0964 · Monday–Friday 9am to 4pm

Please leave a voicemail message if there's no answer.

2. Maintain active status

Once a client has been screened and accepted, they will be placed on the waiting list. It is the individual's responsibility to contact us weekly by email or phone to maintain active status. If the client does not remain in contact with Friendship House, he or she will be removed from the waiting list.

3. Prepare for admission

Clients must be clean and sober 72 hours prior to admission. Upon arrival, clients are placed on a 30-day blackout period. During this time, the client will not be allowed to leave Friendship House unaccompanied or have social contact with others outside of the program. These rules allow the new client to adjust to his or her surroundings, become familiar with the program, and reflect on the circumstances that brought them to treatment.


Requirements for Program Admission


Required Conditions

  • Clients must be age 18 and over. If you are pregnant and/or a mother who wishes to bring up to two children ages 0-5, please apply for our Women's Lodge program.
  • Must have a sincere desire to stop drinking and/or using drugs.
  • No serious medical, psychological or emotional conditions that could interfere with participation in a social-model residential treatment program.
  • All legal and medical issues should be sufficiently resolved so the client will not be removed from the program during treatment.
  • Please review the list of prohibited items.

Required Documents

  • State ID/Driver's License, Social Security Card, Birth Certificate and Tribal Registration. 
  • Proper written documentation of a negative TB test taken within the past 6 months must be in-hand or sent prior to the client's admission. The individual will not be admitted without this certification.

For more information about the program, please refer to our FAQ.