What personal belongings can I bring to the Friendship House?

Clients should limit the amount of clothing and personal items to a two-week supply, and are not permitted to bring valuables or stereo equipment with headphones. Please note that because there is no storage space, clients are only permitted to bring one carry-on size bag. Additionally, please review the list of prohibited items.


Will I have roommates?

Yes, rooms can accommodate up to four individuals per room. The number of roommates a client has may vary.


How much money should I bring?

Clients should only bring a small amount of cash, necessary for incidental purchases. Friendship House will not hold cash for clients under any circumstances. 


Do I have to be American Indian?

Due to the limited number of services available to the American Indian population, our programs are primarily dedicated to and designed for American Indians, however, the Friendship House Association of American Indians, Inc. does not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, national origin, sexual preference, religious affiliation, or disability. Prospective clients should be aware that along with traditional treatment methods, we incorporate American Indian culture and traditions into the program.


How do I know if I have a problem with alcohol or drugs?

If you're unsure if you have a problem with drugs and/or alcohol, take this free online screening.


How much does the substance abuse program cost?

All applicants’ ability to pay for treatment will be evaluated at the time of the intake screening. The fee for service and payment options will be determined at this time.


What happens during the 30-day blackout period upon arrival?

Upon arrival, clients admitted to our substance healing program are placed on a 30-day blackout period. During this time, the client will not be allowed to leave Friendship House unaccompanied. In addition, the client may not write or receive letters or emails, make or receive telephone calls, or receive visitors. These rules allow the new client to adjust to his or her surroundings, become familiar with the program and reflect on the circumstances that brought them to treatment.


If I'm staying at the Women's Lodge, will my child have supervision during my treatment?

The Lodge provides a healthy and secure environment for the children of residents. Primary care of children is the responsibility of their mothers, which serves to establish family bonding and a positive parental connection for both mother and child. On-site child supervision is provided during the women's treatment hours. We understand that alcoholism and drug abuse creates dysfunction in families and our primary goal is to provide women with their children the counseling, education, and support for treatment, recovery, and healthy parenting.